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Supplier Management App

Integrated Supplier Management

Manage the whole supplier life cycle. Successful commissioning means delivering the right outcomes at the right cost. It embraces an inclusive approach to fulfilling public supply lines to citizens, and you can deliver the entire process, end to end with this InPhase out of the box App.

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Simple to administer suppliers and contracts
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Portal for each supplier
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Rolls up supplier performance to outcomes

Inception to delivery and review

The InPhase App is designed to support every step of your supplier management journey.


3d visual modelling tools enable you to quickly and easily:
  • Define corporate and service outcomes, and clearly identify the gap in delivery.
  • Design the agreement.
  • Modelling can include aggregated SLA’s and projects including statistical calculations of the agreement.
  • Manage risks in the partnership.
  • Interactively build the structure of the agreement, showing objectives, projects, initiatives alongside owners, risks and costs.
  • Define and implement process standardisation.
  • Align multiple suppliers to key outcomes at all levels of the business.
Supplier and contracts business modelling screenshot


  • Easily on-board new suppliers
  • Automated Performance Alerts
  • Build in from day one first line contingency planning and corrective actions
  • Assure yourself that contingency plans been actioned
  • Drill-down view into corrective actions and fix plans
Supplier and contracts activity and performance screenshot


  • Real-time reporting direct from the suppliers against the agreement and joint outcomes.
  • Improve service quality and assess the gap in between design and implementation.
  • Value for money direction of travel of each commissioned service and outcome.
  • Reporting against the SLA model is completely flexible and new reports can be designed by you, but includes common reports like: Are the contractual obligations being met? Exception reporting against good and poor performance (including an understanding of both cause of poor performance and the effect this has) Remedial action modelling.
Supplier and contracts reporting dashboard  screenshot


  • Built in compliance and regulatory responsibilities at each level
  • Clear reporting of compliance with regulations and standards
  • Aligned data from operational systems provides real-time reporting if desired closing the loop on analysis
  • What-if modelling
  • Scenario modelling (cost input to likely output)
  • Track compliance to the contractual and business obligations
  • Control and reduce financial risk
  • Alerting on key triggers such as contract renewal dates
Supplier and contracts business analysis for improvement screenshot
"Easily on-board new suppliers and ensure their efforts align to your goals, ambitions and drive success."
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Key Features


Monitor and report performance for all suppliers consolidating by department, outcomes, need.


Ensure each supplier meets their minimum obligations


Compare suppliers working out who is delivering the highest value


Know what you need to do when you need to do it for each supplier. Contract renewals to SLA updates.


  • Ensure you have the best suppliers
  • Align suppliers to outcomes and goals
  • Be assured what needs to get done is. On time.
  • Collaborate in an audited environment, across partners, suppliers and internal teams
  • Improve engagement and accountability
  • Keep suppliers on track, on budget

What happens next?

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