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Safeguarding App

Empower staff with secure reporting and streamlined safeguarding management.

The Safeguarding App is your key to fostering a secure and supportive environment for staff reporting. Empower your team with quick and stress-free data capture, guided by intelligent workflows and secure administration accessible only to nominated members. Stay informed in real-time with repeated concern identification, actionable plans, and smart notifications. Our centralised system offers streamlined access to safeguarding records, ensuring compliance and accountability. Mobile-friendly and responsive, our app runs seamlessly across all devices, proving your commitment to safety and well-being.

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Datasheet Download

A free Safeguarding App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Empower Staff with Secure and Clear Reporting.

Help staff feel confident to report safeguarding concerns. Quick and easy data capture forms make reporting concerns as smooth and stress-free as possible. Required fields ensure that all necessary information is gathered before submission. Administration can only be accessed by nominated team members, giving your staff complete peace of mind that their reported issue is dealt with securely.

Stay in the Know with Intelligent Dashboards.

Quickly identify repeated concerns and create action plans that link directly to triangulated incidents, risks, complaints, and claims in real-time dashboards that enable users to drill down and investigate further. Attach evidence for assurance, provide context through additional narratives, and stay alert to updates, ensuring proper procedures are followed.

Intelligent Workflows for a Proactive Approach.

Stay aware of new safeguarding concerns with smart notifications that alert the right people to updates. Conditional questions and a custom workflow push safeguarding records through the correct escalation pathways. Reopen reports at any time and move them back along the workflow to add anything additional as needed and stay updated with built in progress notes.

Everything is in One Place for Easier Reports.

A centralised place for safeguarding records and reports for easy, streamlined and reliable data access. Advanced search capabilities enable the user to filter the information by patient, staff member, category, date, service line and more to quickly and easily pull the data for reports along with all attached evidence eliminating the need for investigators to chase for additional information.

Key Features


Real-time Reporting

Quickly identify and address concerns for proactive action plans that link directly to records in real time. Attach evidence for assurance and maintain a comprehensive overview of safeguarding issues.
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Triangulated Learning

Strengthen safeguarding reports, understanding, and learning by triangulating data with other key areas by connecting incidents, risks, and complaints, providing a comprehensive view.
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Fast and easy data entry

Guided by clear instructions and straightforward data capture forms, easily navigate the reporting process, contributing to a supportive environment that prioritises safety and well-being.

Device Flexibility

Whether on the wards or in moving around constantly, your staff can access the Safeguarding App seamlessly, ensuring no compromise on reporting efficiency.

Proactive Workflows

Demonstrate a proactive approach to safeguarding with smart notifications and custom workflows. Stay alert to new safeguarding records, ensuring a timely response and effective handling of concerns.
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Centralised Records

Streamlined, reliable, and accessible, so you can filter data efficiently for reporting. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing additional information—everything is in one place.
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User-Friendly Interface

Facilitates easy adoption, allowing users and teams to start using the app immediately without the need for extensive training, ensuring efficient utilisation of the platform.
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Secure Reporting System

Empower your staff to report safeguarding concerns confidently with a fast, secure, and easily accessible system. Ensure sensitive information is handled securely.


  • Empower staff to report safeguarding concerns with a fast, secure and easily accessible system that works across all devices.
  • Stay alert of new safeguarding records and their progress in the workflow with smart notifications.
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach and a timely response to assure reporters that their concerns are being effectively handled.
  • Follow the correct escalation pathways and ensure no steps are missed with a custom workflow that pushes records to the right people.
  • Have a centralised system in place that is streamlined, reliable and handles safeguarding records from start to finish.

What happens next?

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