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Mortality Review App

Effectively learn from deaths with streamlined and reliable data.

The mortalities app is an agile and comprehensive solution for mortality data management. Designed for fast and stress-free data entry, the app ensures thorough capture of essential information through responsive forms, guaranteeing that no detail is overlooked. Support transparency and honesty by offering intelligent dashboards for real-time oversight. Customisable workflows ensure compliance with proper procedures. All documents, from coroner's reports to ongoing investigations, are seamlessly linked to mortality records, providing a centralised and streamlined approach to data access.

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Datasheet Download

A free Mortality App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Agile and thorough data entry capabilities.

When a death happens, fast, agile and responsive forms make mortality data capture as quick, easy and stress-free as possible. Required fields and necessary sections guarantee that all essential data is collected before the form is submitted and ensure that nothing gets missed on data entry. Include Primary Mortality Review, a Governance section, and even the Structured Judgement Review.

Support an honest and open learning culture.

Triangulation within InPhase supports a transparent and open learning culture by providing comprehensive oversight inside up-to-date intelligent dashboards. Filter and search categorised records, in any workflow or process stage, and easily pulled to use in reports for further learning. Quickly identify and share the initial key points of learning across the organisation for improvement.

Trigger the appropriate investigations and stay updated.

Conditional questions trigger those further steps to occur based on the answer given where an investigation is needed. Certain answers cause the form to expand to conduct a Structured Justice Review, an avoidable death or a PSIRF investigation or send to the coroner. Build custom workflow maps to ensure the proper flow is followed, always.

Ensure everything is in one place ready for a case record review.

Easily link all working documents to their mortality record, including the coroner’s report, investigations, actions, incidents, risks, claims and complaints for more streamlined and reliable data access. Built in progress notes keep users aware of any updates, ensuring adherence to proper procedures. Reopen records later and move them back through any stage of the workflow to add anything additional.

Key Features

Managing audits in healthcare

Fast and easy data entry

Ensures essential mortality data is captured swiftly and accurately, reducing administrative burden and ensuring nothing is missed.

Real-time Reporting

Enables quick analysis and visualisation of incident impacts, allowing for informed decision-making and timely interventions.
Healthcare NICE guidance

Triangulated Learning

Fosters an open learning culture, allowing organizations to identify key learning points and share insights across the organization for continuous improvement.
Managing policies in healthcare

Triggered Investigations

Prompts necessary investigations, such as Structured Justice Reviews or PSIRF, ensuring timely response and compliance with protocols.
NHSi well led automation

Document Integration

Provides a centralised repository, streamlining access to all relevant documents, improving data accuracy, and ensuring adherence to proper procedures.
NHSi well led automation

User-Friendly Interface

Facilitates easy adoption, allowing users and teams to start using the app immediately without the need for extensive training, ensuring efficient utilisation of the platform.

Device Flexibility

Provides freedom and flexibility for users to work from their preferred devices, enhancing productivity and ensuring accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Customisable Workflows

Follow your local SOPs and manage the flow of data and tasks, optimising efficiency and allow your organisation to align the app with your unique workflows for seamless operations.


  • Agile and thorough data entry to capture all required data including patient notes, ME review, Structured Judgement Review and Governance.
  • A custom workflow process and conditional questions trigger the appropriate investigations where necessary.
  • Link all working documents to their record for streamlined and reliable data access.
  • Support an open and honest learning culture through transparency and triangulation in intelligent dashboards.
  • Prove to regulatory bodies that you have an effective system in place to efficiently learn from deaths.

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