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Freedom to Speak Up

Support, Empower and Promote a Just Culture for Patients and Staff

Give your teams a secure and confidential reporting solution that helps to foster a supportive environment. Empower your staff to voice their concerns through easy-to-use, confidential reporting channels. FTSU Guardians can provide a timely response to resolve the issue. Triangulated dashboards help you identify areas for improvement and implement effective action plans. Also ensure you meet legal and regulatory standards and cultivate a just culture.

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A free Freedom to Speak Up App PDF datasheet for you to take away.

Secure and Confidential FTSU Reporting

InPhase helps to help create a supportive environment where your staff feel safe to speak up and be protected from retaliation thanks to confidential and secure FTSU reporting. Administration of the app itself can only be accessed by the FTSU Guardians, giving your staff complete peace of mind that their reported issue is dealt with securely by the nominated FTSU team. Staff can report to the FTSU team completely anonymously without logging in or entering any details.

Easy to Access and Easy to Use

When someone needs to report an FTSU issue, they need clear reporting channels with easy-to-use forms that makes the process as quick, simple and stress-free as possible to encourage staff at all levels to report their concerns. All InPhase forms are easily accessible from any device, anywhere, thanks to the quick scan of a QR code, without compromising speed and responsiveness. Required fields ensure that all necessary data is collected before submission.

Always in the Know with Triangulated Oversight

Stay alert with smart notifications that keep FTSU Guardians informed and ensure all issues have a timely response so that reporters know their concerns are important. Quickly identify areas of improvement and create action plans that link directly to triangulated FTSU reports, incidents, risks, complaints, and claims in intelligent dashboards that are always up to date. Attach evidence for assurance, provide context through additional narratives, and stay alert to any updates, ensuring adherence to proper procedures.

Promote a Just Culture for Patient and Staff Safety

When you have a Freedom to Speak Up system in place that supports the proper Speak Up, Listen Up and Follow Up process it encourages open and honest communication and benefits patient and staff safety. It also demonstrates that you meet the legal, ethical and regulatory requirements set out by NHS England to protect patients and staff alike.

The InPhase Freedom to Speak Up app will be instrumental in successfully and securely managing the FTSU process within a trust setting. With the secure and anonymous submissions, easy management and workflow processes a trust can be assured the processing and follow-on actions from FTSU requests are visible, taken seriously, and help move a trust to having a more just culture.
Andrew Bingham, Deputy Chief Executive - InPhase

Key Features

Managing audits in healthcare

Capture and Investigate

Help your staff feel safe voicing their concerns with confidential and anonymous reporting that helps to provide protection from retaliation.

Clear reporting channels

One, central place to voice concerns that is simple, stress-free and intuitive to use, so your teams don’t need any additional training to use it.

Out-the-box Dashboards

Built-in Freedom to Speak up dashboards ensure you are always aware of developing trends to inform the wider organisation of changes and improvement plans.

Secure and Confidential

Only the FTSU Guardians have access to concerns once they have been reported, ensuring that staff are protected from retaliation and that concerns are secure.
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Easily Customisable

Add additional questions to the FTSU data capture form that may be beneficial to your organisation's wider goals. Effortlessly make local changes to your form.
Improving quality in healthcare

Always Accessible

Easily accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop. You don't even need a login to the system to be able to submit a FTSU incident.
NHSi well led automation

Easy to use

With a simple user interface, you and your teams won’t need lengthy training – just plug it in and get started!


  • Promote, support and maintain a just culture and supportive environment that protects patient and staff safety alike with a simple, easy to use and clear reporting channels.
  • Provide effective protection from backlash with confidential and secure reporting that can only be accessed by nominated FTSU Guardians.
  • Stay alert and aware of FTSU issues with smart notifications to ensure that they have a timely response and are dealt with appropriately.
  • Triangulate FTSU issues against incidents, risk, complaints, claims and more for comprehensive oversight to identify improvement areas and create aligned action plans.
  • Meet the ethical, legal and regulatory requirements of NHS England, your staff and your patients and show your commitment to patient and staff safety.

What happens next?

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