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Re-planning is on the horizon

  • Robert reflects on the first stages of lockdown
As we enter the 6th week in lock-down, it seems that there are fresh signs of renewal and spring all around and maybe, just maybe, we can also see signs of teams getting into new routines, successfully making efforts to stabilise work patterns.

A Risky Business

  • Why our risk software hasn't been good enough
I’ll first admit to failure. For decades my company have profited from selling and implementing risk management software which I don’t think does a good enough job.

How to plan a re-plan

  • When your plan is fundamentally knocked off course – you re-plan.
Every organisation has had its plans affected by COVID-19 and the vast majority of organisations have already re-planned once and will do so again in the next 2-3 weeks and again in 3-4 months.

Free InPhase Office Space Covid Risk Assessment

  • In planning going back to 'normal' we're sharing out office risk assessment
Here is the InPhase get back to office work policy! We thought we’d share it in case anyone finds it useful. We took some of this guidance from the government web site to ensure we’re checking all the right boxes for us. I’m sure everyone has very different circumstances but if this can help you,...

The effect of Covid on being well-led and creating continuous improvement.

  • How the pandemic has forced change in how we use technology for compliance
The COVID crisis has driven acceptance of some significant cultural changes in Health. Previously resisted, but forced through because of the crisis, the benefits are transparent and countrywide in nearly every setting.

Winter is coming, be SAFE

  • The need for world-class SAFE NHS and SAFE Care Homes Infection Prevention and Control assurance
According to the Academy of Medical Sciences 'Preparing for a challenging winter 2020/21' there "must be a period of intense preparation for our reasonable worst-case scenario for health in the winter".

How to dribble your business planning in COVID

  • What Covid Teaches Us About Effective Business Planning
If Coronavirus taught us anything, it’s that looking at our choices in isolation seldom delivers the best results. From very early in 2020 it became clear that we not only have to look after ourselves but must also consider how our actions affect around us.

The Top Governance, Risk and Compliance Priorities for Public Services in 2021

  • How savvy organisations are getting a handle on GRC to thrive amid new challenges
In 2020 COVID-19 threw public services across the UK into turmoil and forced them to rapidly adopt new ways of working and meet new regulations. Covid-related events and requirements changed so frequently that disruption itself became the only constant, with local authorities, housing service...

HSJ Patient Safety Award Nomination for InPhase Customers, Wirral Community Trust

  • How the right digital framework can transform Care Home assurance in the face of Covid.
Since they first began in 2018, the HSJ Patient Safety Awards have been dedicated to recognising safety, culture, and experience in patient care. They’re designed to celebrate the teams at the frontline that improve standards of patient safety and drive cultural change to minimise risk, enhance...

Softening the Blow of COVID-19

  • How the pandemic impacted urgent and emergency services…and how the right digital platform can help mitigate the impacts of the next wave..
It’s common knowledge that COVID-19 had a huge and unprecedented impact on healthcare, and quantifying that impact fell to the CQC. That’s why earlier this year, they issued a report on how urgent and emergency care services were affected by the pandemic during winter 2020 and discussed the actions...

CQC COVID Report: Combating Closed Cultures with Risk Management

  • How an effective risk management system can help avoid the serious impacts of closed cultures in healthcare
The CQC's latest COVID-19 Insight report addresses the important issue of closed cultures and how they create significant risks for safe and effective patient care. After the issues that were revealed at Whorlton Hall, Winterbourne View, Mid Staffordshire Hospital and other services, the CQC’s investigations...

Streamlining Quality Assurance Efficiency Through Oversight

  • How thorough Oversight can help Trusts drive efficient quality assurance while battling the backlog
UK vaccination efforts have achieved a great deal of success and the rates of infection and death from Covid have dropped significantly, but the current waiting list for treatments is higher than it’s ever been since records began. That means Trusts will need the right tools to beat the backlog...

The Post-COVID Recovery Challenges for NHS Hospital Services

  • How are NHS Trusts are using technology to tackle the backlog
In over the summer of 2021, the CQC asked 73 trusts about their approaches to longer waiting lists and how they were considering people’s care in a “fair and equal way”. Their aim was to gauge Trusts’ assessments of the challenges, such as the suspension of some elective care caused by increased...

Mental health problems among nurses are increasing. What can we do to help?

  • The mental health crisis among nurses is the unseen epidemic sweeping the NHS. We explore what could help.
The Covid-19 pandemic left devastation in its wake. With 22 million cases and 177,000 deaths in the UK alone, everybody has encountered the disease that will have a lasting impact on us for decades to come. The NHS and healthcare providers around the UK became the country's heroes, with the public...