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Top 10 BI & Performance Management Trends 2017 [Whitepaper] | InPhase Blog

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| Aden Maine | Performance

Most organisations can't function to maximum efficiency without a good grip on one of its most important assets, it’s data. Understanding it, manipulating it and using it to improve and grow it a daily part of most managers business day.

Now in 2017, we see a massive shift in that way this data is used for better decision making, and full decision support. Business Intelligence and Performance management now work hand in hand to aid businesses in innovating, growing and staying competitive.

Overview - What you'll learn in the whitepaper:

To see what InPhase are predicting download our Top 10 Trends of 2017, the paper highlights:

  1. Self-service will partner with Information Quality
  2. Visualisation in Context will dominate
  3. Better Plan-Do-Review

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Download the whitepaper here, it only takes 10 seconds.

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