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A Performance Manager’s Christmas 2019 Wish List for 2020

A short list of the most important things we think you need in 2020
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| Robert Hobbs | Performance

With Christmas and the New Year approaching with speed. We thought we'd create a quick wish list for what we think will be the most desired functionality and features in the New Year.

Have a read through our list and see what you think... do you agree with what we've included?

Gimme more… analytics alone is not enough!

With ever spiralling amounts of data, presenting data visualisation and analytics alone is not enough. Whilst previous year’s wish list has been to create data visualisation insights, in 2020 managers will get systems that combine the actionable data insights and the Action Management. Making sure what should get done gets done! With the integrated ability to narrate, agree and assign actions, track the progress and completion of those actions, and see their impact on the operational results. This support for the whole process will overcome the problem of the current breakdown between insight and operationally delivered action.

Gimme less… self-service reporting is too time-consuming!

Curated data sets available for the end user to self service whatever they want isn’t delivering the key answers quickly enough. In 2020 managers will refuse to spend increasing amounts of their time being data geeks and working out what they should look into.

Hunting around to answer a question takes up too much time. Too many reports, too many options, too much information and not enough answers.

What are the issues and what are levers to pull? Not just the drill-down, slice and dice and predictive forecasts.

Intelligently routed alerts and dynamically generating analytics that show the related business drivers and impacts to key issues, as well as the predictive statistics, will guide the user to the top issues and which are the right levers to pull.

Give Personalised analytics to everyone

Many of the intelligent big data trends will come together to deliver personally focused and automatically delivered personalised analytics to each and every individual.

Automatically guiding the individual to the critical results that they are accountable for delivering, the current and predicted issues, the actions they are already committed to delivering and enabling them to carry out on the spot updates and further action setting or acceptance.

Deliver high-speed continuous information everywhere

In 2020 users will continue to make the radical shift away from the monthly reports and weekly flashes to continuous awareness. In the same way social media changed the cycle time of friends and relatives communication, new business improvement driven systems will shift to decision making and action analytics being instant on-line, any time, anywhere.

A Hitchhikers Guide for performance improvement information

With so many ‘best -in-class’ operational and transactional systems in place, many with their own reporting or ‘built-in’ analytics, managers are stretched by working multiple reporting systems. Forced to mentally merge different application reports, ad-hoc Excel reports, PowerPoint strategy and planning meeting decks, Business Plan documents, never-ending email up-dates and a plethora of beautiful ‘actionable’ visualisation dashboards, bringing it all together is a Herculean challenge.

In 2020 all mangers want a universal translator (or for Douglas Adams fans a Babel fish) for reporting - that can speak all the data and reporting languages in the business and bring together into one authoritative book and in one language all of the related information they need.

A Babel fish that can connect and translate from any of the multiple systems; Finance, HR, operations, case management, asset systems, spreadsheets, web API, CRM, and thousands of others, bringing together all key performance improvement information needed to make the best decisions.

Delivering that information through one Hitchhikers Guide to the Business everything you need to get where you want to go; strategic vision, operational goals, team objectives, financial budgets, people resources, KPI, operational data, different visualisation tools, predictive analytics, customer experience feedback, sentiment analysis, governance, compliance, audit, risks to outcomes, risk incidents, programme and portfolio analysis, projects and actions progress, discussion, decisions and scheduling!

A lot to ask for.

Fortunately all available in 2020!

Luckily there is a lot to look forward to in 2020 here at InPhase. So if you'd like to see how we plan on granting all the wishes on the list, have a chat with the team!

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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