Tasty Data Visualisations. Literally.

Bernard Marr gives us a tasty data experience with Susanne Jaschko and Moritz Stefaner

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Have you ever thought... what does data taste like?

Well, data visualization experts Susanne Jaschko and Moritz Stefaner decided to try and answer that question in this great article from Bernard Marr.

An article very close to my heart (I'm a huge foodie), this team are literally bringing data to life using food as a medium to visualise data.

Imagine a fish stew whose ingredients reflect the data about local fishing, a pizza topped to represent the population mix of Helsinki, or a selection of chocolates whose fillings represent the various causes of death for a population.

These are just a few of the delicious and beautiful visualisations to come out of Jaschko and Stefaner's Data Cuisine workshops.

Participants are given access to a library of local data and asked to choose something that holds some personal meaning of relevance to them.

They then use a state-of-the-art kitchen to create the testiest, edible visualisations to match their chosen data sets.

The results are beautiful, delicious, and thought provoking.

To read more, head over to the original article from Bernard Marr on Forbes.com


Check out all the yummy data visualisations yourself: https://data-cuisine.net/data-dishes/

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