Migrating from Tableau to InPhase just got easier!

New InPhase v16 Halo now supports embedded Tableau data visualisations 9 Feb 2018

Migrating from Tableau to InPhase just got easier!
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Businesses seeking to either co-exist Tableau and InPhase, or migrate fully from Tableau to InPhase now have a new option.

InPhase now supports embedding and integrating Tableau server visualisations.

InPhase’s powerful level of narrative, discussion and action management are available to turn the ‘actionable insights’ which Tableau visualisations pride themselves into managed actions aligned to business goals and outcomes within the InPhase integrated EPM and BI platform.

Whether for long- or short-term integration, this heralds a new era of interoperability between these competing platforms that can only benefit existing customers of both platforms.

InPhase is unique in encompassing the breadth of Enterprise Performance Management and BI within a single platform, integrating data from any source into business planning, reporting and management. Tableau’s popular data visualisations can now also be integrated.

Learn more about the connection between Tableau & InPhase:

Learn more about Tableau + InPhase
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Robert Hobbs

Robert Hobbs

Robert, the CEO of InPhase, founded InPhase as a business management tools and applications software author to enable organisations to improve the achievement of their business goals.

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