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Say Halo to InPhase v16 [Press Release]

London: January 2018
InPhase Version 16 release teaser
| Aden Maine | Press Releases

Its arrived. Code-named Halo, the latest release from InPhase allows companies to embed working day support and fully automate the plan, do, review cycle of performance for every member of staff.

It’s clear to see InPhase is all about the end user undertaking actionable change. Having already pushed the bounds of the market and customer expectations over the last 2 years by integrating a full BI stack (including extensive visualisation, ETL, data mash up and in-memory connectivity to transaction systems) InPhase drops onto your desktop everything you need to make a decision based on fact, process and strategic alignment.

Moreover this latest release of InPhase drives user engagement and uptake not only through the provision of actually useful information but connects this with a brilliantly easy to use interface, push email and gamification.

Real-time communication and collaboration in one place lets you discus anything you’re doing including the delivery of KPI’s, outcomes, projects, PDP’s, compliance, and risks – linked to that specific thing. This means less meetings and of course decisions are being captured in an auditable record.

Real-time capture of action plans, justification for them, trial and error and managerial input on them means suddenly users can quickly work out which performance levers need to change to drive an improvement across the business and which performance levers already pulled are just not doing what was expected. There’s also less reworking and subsequent challenge on process.

- Notes to Editors -

InPhase is a business management suite that offers strategy, project management, budgeting, risk management, ideas management and much more inside a performance management and BI package.

Started in the early 90s, with over 25 years experience, InPhase represents the latest frontier in business management, specialising in combining market leading functionality with ease of use.


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Aden Maine

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Aden has worked in digital marketing for the last 13 years and the last 8 years have been with InPhase. It's Aden's job to keep the marketing team moving forward, growing, growing the brand and supporting business develpment and the customer journey.

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