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Understanding and achieving continuous quality improvement with InPhase + HSJ.

Working with HSJ to tackle the challenges of continuous Quality Improvement in the NHS
InPhase Quality assurance advertorial on HSJ
| Heather Lowery | InPhase News

Quality management is crucial for healthcare providers to ensure a standard of care across the board. Unfortunately, due to mismatched data sets, manual systems like pen and paper, and a plethora of scattered Word or Excel documents, quality improvement plans become tiresome and difficult to execute.

That’s why InPhase continues to partner with the Health Service Journal (HSJ) to bring attention to pressing issues affecting healthcare providers around the country.

InPhase supports Trusts with a single, integrated solution we call Oversight, to do just that – to provide complete oversight of actions, progress and assurance relating to quality improvement measures. Trusts can stay on track toward their quality goals with the support of this quick and easy-to-use digital system.

InPhase’s founder, Robert Hobbs, takes readers through what makes Oversight different from current quality management and improvement systems and how it can be an integral cog in a Trust’s inner workings.

Find out how this off-the-shelf digital solution brings together disparate data sources into one place, one system and one version of the truth to help Trusts follow the golden thread of assurance in real-time. You will learn how to create a culture of collaboration and individual leadership, leading to getting more done in less time.

Discover what current users have to say about their achievements using Oversight and how it has supported them in their commitment to quality and improvement. More importantly, uncover how the secret weapon of triangulation supports the Deming cycle of Plan Do Study Act by bringing together audits, incidents, CQC-self-assessments, NICE guidance, quality measures and KPIs.

Oversight takes quality compliance and turns it into a commitment. Give more power to your teams, move faster towards your goals and provide robust, reliable assurance from ward to board.

To find out more, head over to the HSJ website and read the whole article.

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