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InPhase Wins Technology Innovator Award!

Report Summary: What Makes InPhase Distinctive?
InPhase Technology Award 2016
| Aden Maine | InPhase News

We'd like to thank everyone who picked us to be the best in Business Intelligence and Performance Management. In aid of the award we'd like to show you what we did to set ourselves apart.

How did we do it?

We made a single solution and one stop shop for all Management Information

InPhase is now your single place of truth for all performance and related information.

At any level of granularity, InPhase will enable you to identify highest priority issues at a glance.

Outcomes, risk, projects, programmes, metrics and data sets can be pulled together seamlessly so you don’t miss anything happening from Board to individual levels or responsibility.

We made sure InPhase delivered real time critical information direct to your dashboard or home page, with a 30 second refresh rate enabling you to make decisions and understand the levers to pull across the business more quickly.

Bye bye technical

With fun slicers, sliders and pickers non-technical Managers can now find the information that matters to them, first time.

The software now has analytical capabilities anyone can use, with single click on and off made performance about the future, not just the past.

Now you can really understand the information that matters.

You can collaborate in real time

Now InPhase discussion links you right to the right people, real time, for amazing collaboration.

Together you can now agree the action plans moving forward and close the loop to see if your reviews drive a change in performance outcome.


After many requests we have now added dynamic infographics to InPhase!

Infographics are great a way to tell a story or share summary information with non IT users, driving home key messages.

They are also a fun and intuitive way to depict performance clearly and concisely.

With round the clock development and new releases coming soon, let's hope we win again next year!

Aden Maine

Head of Marketing

Aden has worked in digital marketing for the last 13 years and the last 8 years have been with InPhase. It's Aden's job to keep the marketing team moving forward, growing, growing the brand and supporting business develpment and the customer journey.

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