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InPhase Customer Award Winners Announced!

Showcase of this years winners of our InPhase Customer awards
InPhase Customer Award Winners Announcement teaser
| Andrew Bingham | InPhase News

I am really proud to announce the winners from this years annual user group! This was the first year we ran an awards ceremony and following the successful feedback I had from other customers, next year, we will be adding more categories so please watch out for nominations later in the year.

So without further ado, let's introduce the winners!

Best Looking PORTAL

Norwich City Council - Josh Aldred, Strategy and Transformation Team

Let's start with the most straight forward of this years categories, Best Looking PORTAL. PORTAL is one of our out-the-box pre-built reporting platforms for Public OpenData Rpeorting or secure internal board reporting.

Whilst PORTAL is not completely configurable like the main InPhase product, customers have the ability to add images, branding, colours and free text to their PORTALs and we looked at how each of our PORTAL customers best applied branding to theirs.

Before anyone shouts, I know this is a subjective view point – however we were really impressed with the types of imagery used by Norwich City Council. Therefore, I want to congratulate the Norwich team for putting together a exemplar PORTAL. The award was handed to Josh Aldred from Strategy and Transformation Team

Here is the Norwich Live PORTAL: Visit the Norwich PORTAL here.


Derbyshire County Council - Matthew Walters & John Saddington, Policy Team

The nnovation award focuses on how InPhase has helped both the customer's organisation and people within the organisation.

The winner of this organisation has been doing some really interesting things with Live Connects and using them in the context of - Connecting to Economy / transport and community’s. What is it all about – Its showing Transport information utilising live transport data to map completed and outstanding jobs alongside vehicle GPS data. Allowing them to better performance manage their repairs team.

Also the winning organisation has created an internal Engagement Dashboard – against organisation utilisation, what is it?

A really cool way to use InPhase to show:

  1. How many people have logged in
  2. Which pages, and what type of data

The output of this shows, what’s interesting to the user community and therefore way be putting in the effort for future development of pages. Uptake and engagement of the InPhase system. The award was handed to Matthew Walters from Derbyshire County Council

Organisational Change

South Wales fire - Neil Herniman & Paul Conway, Planning and Performance Team

The final award was Organisational change. For me this was a really interesting award, what parts of the business has InPhase affect and how. There were lots of candidates for this, however we were most impressed with, drum role… South Wales Fire.

They have rolled out to over 52 stations so far using InPhase, and there has been a really drive to change the performance culture throughout the organisations, truly amazing. The award was handed over to Neil Herniman and Paul Conway. Neil and Paul also did a cracking presentation the following day (day 2 of the user group) all slides are up on the forum so please do take a look.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their InPhase builds to the team. We had a great time looking through the applications. We will be doing awards at next years conference, so please let us know of all the great things you are doing and planning to do!

Let's Improve. Together.

Andrew Bingham

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew is responsible for our account managers and customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

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