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InPhase Customer Announcement - Coronavirus

Our plans during this epidemic and how it may affect you
inphase announcement teaser for new customers in covid
| Robert Hobbs | InPhase News

While the Corona virus continues to escalate and there is the possibility offices may need to close, we would like to let you know that InPhase currently expects to be able to deliver a fully working, normal service throughout the epidemic. We will update you if this should change in any way.

  1. The InPhase help desk will continue to be accessible with no changes to services including
    1. Phone support
    2. Online self-help via the Help Centre
    3. Support escalation procedures remaining unchanged
  2. Remote Consultancy Delivery has already been deployed, tried and tested over the last 2 years, with easy provision of remote training, management consultancy services and implementation support using modern technologies. This can be one to one or in groups. The technology we deploy includes combined video and screen share technologies which enable great collaborate working - even live in your databases where needed. In a very few number of client instances and as a requirement of your IT policy, InPhase is not able to access your locally deployed installation. If this is the case and you would like temporary hosting, or to now temporarily enable local access please let us know and we will work with you to enable this.

    It’s important to know that even if your teams are remotely working, perhaps all at home, we can easily connect those individuals up to joint work. As a business we are committed to help you during this critical time.

If you need more information on how InPhase as a tool can really pull your teams together, help with the remote management of staff, and ramp up operational assurance during this time please call in as soon as possible to talk to one of the team.

Please remember… you have this awesome application that is designed to help you ensure that what needs to get done in your enterprise is done. Your solution can help pull everyone together whether they are remote or in the same building and get everyone maximizing their individual contribution to joint goals.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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