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Free InPhase Office Space Covid Risk Assessment

In planning going back to 'normal' we're sharing out office risk assessment
man at laptop for covid risk assessment
| Andrew Bingham | InPhase News

Here is the InPhase get back to office work policy! We thought we’d share it in case anyone finds it useful. We took some of this guidance from the government web site to ensure we’re checking all the right boxes for us. I’m sure everyone has very different circumstances but if this can help you, we are happy to share.

On entering the building

Immediately on entering the building it is your responsibility to wash your hands.

You are encouraged to wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds frequently.

If you need to move desk, please re wash your hands before and after moving to a different desk.

You are required to wash your hands particularity after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing.

General guidance

You are required to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres (3 steps) between individuals wherever possible.

You are actively encouraged to:

  • use digital and remote transfers of material where possible rather than paper format, such as using e-forms, emails and e-banking.
  • where it is possible to remain 2 metres apart once inside the building, even when moving from one locations to another.
  • Because we have large meetings rooms with large projection facilities, if you need to do collaborative work, we are encouraging use of the large meeting room. This enables greater than 2 meter distancing. No more than 6 people at a time should use this room.
  • as much as possible keep collaborating teams as small as possible.

Desk space

InPhase is in the fortunate position that we have a large office space from which everyone can work. Each desk has sufficient space around it to accommodate social distancing. Some desks also have physical barriers between them.

If, when the time is right, and we return to office working, your desk is for any reason not at least 2 meters way from your colleges or does not have a physical barrier between you and another member of staff, please either

  1. Move your desk so it is compliant
  2. Flag to a company director that you need your desk moved.

Do not use your desk if you are not happy that you are social distancing.

You are welcome to pop masking tape on the floor to indicate a 2 meter barrier from you when you are seated at your desk.

Use of the toilets

To minimise cross use of the toilets a cubicle will be assigned to you to use

Use of the kitchen

No more than one person at any one time in the kitchen

Please do not make refreshments for other staff

Please wipe down surface areas and the kettle with a soapy cloth before you leave the kitchen.

Please wash your hands before you leave the kitchen.

You are welcome to bring in your own cup / plate – solely for your use.

Please keep your own food in plastic containers in the fridge. Do not leave food in the fridge not in a container.

Meeting rooms

Small meetings rooms – no more than 2 people at a time.

Large meeting room - no more than 6 people.

You can have larger meetings on request – a manager will check that social distancing has been put in place prior to the meeting.

External visitors

We are not encouraging external visitors to the office at this time. If you need a social distancing meeting please arrange this with Victoria.

Outside spaces

We are not encouraging use of any communal areas including the sports centre at this time.

We strongly urge you not to use communal benches.

We are actively encouraging you to take at least a 30 minute break outside each day. Please bring your own blanket in if you would like to sit outside. Do not share blankets.

Staged return to work

We have been successful in home working as a general principle and it may be that rather than everyone coming back to work all at the same time, we have a staged return to work, with 1 – 3 days in the office and 2-4 days at home.


At present if you have a specific need to work from the office this is being accommodated and you are welcome to use the office.

For other staff, we are still asking you to work from home. We don’t know when government advice on this will change but we will update you as soon as possible.


If you are ill, with any symptoms of any type (Covid related or not) please work from home.


Staff should continue to follow existing risk assessments and safe systems of working; there are no additional precautions needed for handling post or packages.

Work capacity and staff wellness

Please will all teams log their available, wellness and location of work on the InPhase App first thing in the morning.

If you are not able to work that day because you are ill, please update the app each day and send an email to your line manger by 9am.

Given the severity of the risk to health at the moment, it is likely that if you are off sick your manager will proactively contact you at home to ensure you are Ok and see if you need anything. Please tell your line manager if you do not want this to happen and we will opt you out of the scheme.

We are also offering a team wellness checking system for those that live alone or who want additional assurances.

If you live alone and would like a daily call should you become sick. We will then ensure you have any basics you need including where possible food and medication.

If an immediate member for your nuclear family is effected by Covid please lets u know immediately and we will do our best to support you.

Extremely vulnerable

If you have received a letter from the NHS to say you are in the extremely vulnerable category please notify the company immediately and we will ensure you can work from home and self isolate. We are also committed to supporting anyone who may fall into the secondary category of at high risk. These may be team members with diabetes, Parkinson’s, the over 70’s by way of example. We can create a personalised plan for you to help, based entirely on your personal preferences.

Looking after your mental wellbeing

During a crisis like this every one of us will feel stressed, depressed and / or anxious at some time or another – on indeed all the time.

There is no single thing that will help to relive this set of issues, but we are here to help where we can:

  1. You can ask for a zoom or one to one socially distanced meeting with your manager – or indeed any other member of your team.
  2. We are actively encouraging you to take exercise every day - especially during your lunch break so you get time away from a screen.
  3. We are running some large group social zoom meetings. If you are feeling lonely at present or lacking some human ( or adult!) contact, we are happy to increase these or do more in smaller groups.
  4. We have some reading lists that might help.
  5. We can look at a personalised wellness plan for you including training and personal improvement plans.

Andrew Bingham

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew is responsible for our account managers and customer success team, tasked with helping our customers make the most of the opportunities presented by our product features and key business responsibilities of customer retention, adoption and expansion.

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