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How to increase compliance with more efficient, effective audits

Elevate the way you use your audit data, increase completion rates and improve compliance
Understand How to increase compliance with more efficient, effective audits blog
| Robert Hobbs | Industries

Health, emergency services, local government or any regulated service all have one thing in common – audits. Whether it’s completing, managing of analysing audits, almost everyone will have some experience in the audit process.

Audits are a crucial practice to improve the quality of service and satisfaction of the people receiving care or a service and to find out the most impactful uses of your time for improvement actions. However, depending on the audit management system in place, audits can be arduous, time-consuming processes that get left behind in the fast-paced nature of the day-to-day and become a tick-box exercise with little benefit.

So, how can you conduct more audits and improve compliance, whilst saving time?

The problem with audits

In conversations with the organisations that approach us, we’ve found that most of them are dealing with slow, lengthy digital audit management systems or using Excel files or even paper documents to manage the audit process. This leads to difficulty compiling audit data, creating audit reports and understanding the information enough to create actions for improvement.

As well as this, the laborious nature of conducting audits this way damages audit completion rates, as they take more time. Day-to-day work gets in the way as staff don’t have enough time spare to get them done. Compiling and analysing the data is also a time-consuming task, taking considerable focus away from other things.

The ideal audits

Imagine how different things would be if audits were fast, efficient and more effective. With the right digital audit management system, your organisation could easily improve the way you conduct audits and use their data.

The ideal audit management system would make audit completion faster and easier than before, saving significant amounts of time at the data capture level, ensuring that audits are completed more often. This rapid user interface would follow through to the analysis stage, with real-time reports to help you see audit results, progress and compliance at-a-glance.

You should also be able to create actions for improvement in alignment with broader improvement goals as well as triangulate audit data with incidents, policies, and complaints to elevate the way your audit data is used.

Your organisation should also be in charge of what data is collected during audits, with the ability to customise audit forms and have no limits on the number of audits you can create with changes deployed immediately organisation wide.

Discover Audit Oversight from InPhase

Audit Oversight from InPhase allows you to achieve all of this and more. To go into how it supports your organisation in getting the most out of your audits, increasing audit completion rates and ensuring compliance, we hosted another of our live web conferences to give you more detail.

This fast-paced web conference explained these key areas:

  • How to increase audit completion rates and create a culture of completion, compliance and a commitment to quality improvement
  • How real-time reporting helps you see audit results, progress and compliance in clear and visual dashboards to support better improvement decision making
  • Create actions aligned with broader improvement goals for the most impact and track their progress as they go
  • How an easy to use, customisable question manager and unlimited audits is key to more detailed data collection and quality improvement
  • How to make audits faster and easier than ever before to ensure engagement across your teams
  • How triangulation of audit data magnifies the value and effectiveness of audits

See the system that improved real-life daily hygiene audit completion rates for over 5,000 staff from 72% to 95%.

To access the recording, reserve your place here.

Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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