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The 7 Critical Elements of LFPSE: LFPSE Certification

It’s time to make your choice of an LFPSE incident reporting system. Do you know what you’re looking for?
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| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

NHS England has set a firm deadline of March 2023 for every healthcare provider in the UK to have a Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) compliant incident reporting system to replace the old National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).

This does not mean you can wait until March 2023 to make your decision. If you must procure a new system, you need time to decide, procure and get to at least testing phase by March 31. Waiting simply won’t get you in time for the deadline.

NHS England will accept a further 6-month period to September 2023 for customisation, testing and deployment, to help ease the pressure on sites that are working with products that have difficult and time consuming implementations (not InPhase we hasten to add). With full migration to InPhase implementations already achieved live in under 6 weeks, you can be sure to meet the deadlines more easily with InPhase Oversight.

So, with something as vital as patient safety, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for in your new LFPSE incident reporting system to make the right choice with confidence to ensure you provide the best patient safety and care - and support learning and improvement.

The 7 Critical Essentials of LFPSE.

In this mini-series, we’re coving the 7 Critical Essentials of the ideal LFPSE incident reporting system that you should be on the lookout for to ensure you have the best tool for thorough and proper incident reporting and improvement.

This is so your Trust is absolutely assured that you have made the right decision on the right system to monitor your patient safety. Also, so you can support a culture of learning from patient safety events with the ideal LFPSE incident reporting system.

The LFPSE Certification by NHS England.

Let’s start with the most obvious: your new incident reporting system must be LFPSE certified by NHS England. Learn from Patient Safety Events is designed to amplify learning and improvement around incidents and patient safety with the support of its two primary services: recording patient safety events and providing access to data.

Users can report any patient safety event to the national and local database with a core, mandatory dataset to collect the correct information that supports learning and improvement. Users then have immediate, uninhibited access to the data to identify trends to better support learning and improvement and inspire positive change to processes and policy where needed. As well as this, users can edit submitted reports, for example, to change the incident category or add additional evidence, and can see the real-time deployment of changes in the local and national databases.

The Incident Oversight app for Learn from Patient Safety Events system supports automatic uploading to the national LFPSE database as well as storing the information in your provider databases. This eliminates manually uploading your incident datasets periodically and gives instant access to accurate, up-to-date information for the best local learning and improvement resources.

There are a limited number of LFPSE-certified suppliers and it’s also important for your CQC assessments to have an LFPSE-certified incident reporting system.

LFPSE-Certified Incident Oversight from InPhase.

Concerns from worried Trusts that with their current suppliers may not have an LFPSE compliant incident reporting system ready in time for their transition against the clock has prompted NHS England to make an amendment to the original deadline. Trusts now have the option of an up to six-month extension to complete testing, training and deployment.

However, you must still have a system in at least test stage by March 2023. For more information on this deadline, read our post about it, here.

Luckily, Oversight from InPhase has been LFPSE certified since April 2022 and our team has plenty of capacity to migrate you from NRLS to Oversight. Across the coming months, we can accommodate up to 90 Trusts before 31 March and help them move to LFPSE.

With the easiest to use system, both for end users and administrators, we can ensure your team is under the least added pressure, having migrated Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in a record-setting 5 weeks and 1 day. To ensure you can meet the deadlines, speak to one of our experts, today.

To sum up.

The first Critical Essential that your ideal LFPSE incident reporting system should have is an LFPSE certification from NHS England.

This will ensure that you meet the NHS England requirements it’s vital that you make your choice of LFPSE incident reporting system as soon as possible to meet the deadlines.

For more information on LFPSE incident reporting with Incident Oversight from InPhase, schedule time with one of our experts today.

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