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The 7 Critical Elements of LFPSE: Integration

LFPSE allows you to report several types of patient safety incident. With Oversight from InPhase, whatever you need, there’s an app for that!
The 7 Critical Elements of LFPSE: Integration Teaser
| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

Your LFPSE incident reporting system needs to have certain modules within it that allow you to build the ideal incident reporting system. With the support of the right combination of modules, you can collect quality data from which to learn and improve.

With the upgrade from NRLS to LFPSE comes an opportunity to enhance and improve your digital landscape by enabling future or concurrent upgrades to include other modules, like audit, quality, performance, assurance and more. These modules, or apps, should fully integrate with each other to form one system with a single log in to save clinical and non-clinical time as well as bettering learning and improvement.

Therefore, incidents shouldn’t be the only thing your new LFPSE vendor offers. Something that is integrated and covers all bases is more worthwhile than multiple systems for different data.

The 7 Critical Elements of LFPSE.

In response to the NHS England announcement that all Trusts must have an LFPSE incident reporting system in place by March 31st 2023, we’ve put together this blog mini-series on the 7 critical elements you should look for in your new system.

Even with the recent deadline change announcement from NHSE to allow for a testing, refinement and customisation phase until 30th September 2023, you are still required to have the system in at least test mode by March 2023.

We understand the time pressures that you’re under to acquire this new system before the deadline. So, let’s get into the 7 Critical Elements of LFPSE.

The Right Building Blocks.

At its core, LFPSE is designed to enhance learning and improvement. As we know from the previous blogs in this mini-series, it should be fast and easy to use, can triangulate data against other key care quality information and have rapid, real-time reporting.

With this in mind, it’s important to choose a version of the system that allows you to bring in incidents, risks, mortality, health and safety, complaints, clinical audits, IPC audits, planning, performance, surveys, assurance, NICE, CQC self-assessments and more. These apps need to fully integrate with each other to allow for triangulation of data for better learning and improvement opportunities.

If the LFPSE implementation from your current supplier means yet another digital system to keep track of in your organisation, consider a supplier that offers the opportunity to implement all of these other digital sectors into one, single system.

This reduces the amount of clinical and non-clinical time spent searching through numerous systems as well as reducing the financial impact of hosting multiple systems. Not only this, but fully integrated apps in one system with a single log on will be faster and easier to use, has the ability to triangulate data and supports real-time reporting.

Oversight from InPhase.

When you migrate from any old NRLS legacy system to Oversight from InPhase, not only do you get a fully compliant LFPSE incident reporting system, but the chance to include the aforementioned modules.

These modules, known as apps, are fully integrated and configurable, so you can adapt and evolve them with your Trust. Together, they create one version of the Truth that extends through to every user within their frame of reference to keep everyone on track and aligned with broader goals. It helps to drive out wasteful actions and refocus on the most impactful tasks.

Chris North, the Quality and Assurance Lead at Sulis Hospital Bath, a user of Oversight from InPhase, said of their choice of LFPSE vendor “it was a choice between multiple new contracts and something that is integrated… Oversight offered modules for most of the areas where we needed a product” making Oversight’s app selection and integration capability one of the deciding factors.

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust are also discovering the benefits of an integrated system. Rachael Corser, Chief Nurse and Director of Infection Prevention Control said “with Oversight, everything will be in one place, meaning we don’t need to pull data about the quality of care from multiple sources.”

Since the migration of both East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and Sulis Hospital Bath, Oversight has expanded to include mortalities, health and safety and safeguarding modules that allow the broadest coverage for Trusts.

It’s important to note, also, that InPhase apps also fully integrate with third-party vendors. This means that Incident Oversight and all available modules, such as risks, mortality, health and safety, complaints, and more, that come alongside it for incident reporting, can all integrate with your current clinical audit and quality systems. It also means you don’t have to upgrade every single digital system you have at once to enjoy the integrated benefits, if LFPSE migration is your primary concern.

However, the transition to Incident Oversight means that you put your teams and your Trust in the best position for future or concurrent upgrades for Audit and Quality systems magnify learning and improvement potential.

There’s an app for that.

When migrating from NRLS to LFPSE, it’s important to consider the possibility for integrating additional apps that enhance the learning and improvement potential, free up clinical and non-clinical time and eliminate the need to run multiple systems at once.

With Oversight from InPhase, you open up your Trust to same-time or future upgrades to include incidents, risks, mortality, health and safety, complaints, clinical audits, IPC audits, planning, performance, surveys, assurance, NICE, CQC self-assessments and more.

To hear more about how Oversight from InPhase can benefit your Trust and to find out what apps are available, schedule your time with one of our experts today.

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