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Streamlining Quality Assurance Efficiency Through Oversight

How thorough Oversight can help Trusts drive efficient quality assurance while battling the backlog
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| Robert Hobbs | Healthcare

UK vaccination efforts have achieved a great deal of success and the rates of infection and death from Covid have dropped significantly, but the current waiting list for treatments is higher than it’s ever been since records began. That means Trusts will need the right tools to beat the backlog while still delivering excellent quality assurance...

Patients who have been putting off visits to their doctors or specialists are now swamping healthcare services, and at over 5.45 million, the backlog of patients awaiting treatment is staggering. NHS Trusts are severely strained under the pressure of trying to resume normal services, but despite the epic challenge that lies before them, they are still under the same requirements with regards to clinical and non-clinical quality assurance.

Even though healthcare services are working flat-out at an unprecedented level, Trusts must still meet CQC and NICE requirements including IPC, Audit, Checklists and Policy. The huge backlog has not negated the need to maintain high levels of patient care and safety, and indeed the argument could be made that quality assurance is of even higher importance than ever, lest standards slip under the pressure.

What this all means is that Trusts will need to take every possible advantage and make use of new tools at their disposal in order to beat the backlog while still delivering excellent quality assurance. They must move away from laborious, time-consuming methods of gathering, recording, and referring to quality critical data, and modernise their approaches so as to make it easier for everyone to focus their efforts on the compliance and improvement actions that will have the most impact.

Additionally, Trusts need an easy, intuitive and transparent way to plan key improvement actions, and to track their progress and impacts to see if they are helping achieve the desired outcomes, and if not, to readjust or replan things rapidly whilst ensuring that projects are always aligned to the delivery of the organisational objectives.

In short, they need outstanding Oversight.

What does outstanding oversight look like?

Outstanding oversight is, as the name implies, the ability to quickly and easily see all of your Trust’s critical quality assurance data, assessments, audits, actions, decisions and impacts in one place with an integrated view, and the ability to see the connections between them. It includes the ability to clearly see the evidence that informs your assessments and decisions so that you can easily plan the appropriate actions, anticipate the likely impacts and monitor their effectiveness so as to adjust those actions if necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

When done properly, oversight gives your Trust the ability to have an accurate and up-to-date view of current progress against CQC and NICE requirements, IPC, Audit, Checklists and Policy, as well as the ability to quickly and easily evidence self-assessments, audits, policy, actions and key decisions and identify and plan the appropriate improvement actions to improve compliance.

The right tool for the job

InPhase Oversight is precisely the right tool for the job. As a robust suite of modular and integrated Apps covering each essential element, it draws together all of the critical data that Trusts need for their quality assurance. It frees Trusts from relying on a scattered hodge-podge of different systems, spreadsheets, documents, reports and emails and captures and presents information from various sources to present one connected oversight of the truth.

Very significantly, it helps Trusts to improve their culture of quality and safety engagement by allowing everyone – from ward to board – to clearly see their current levels of compliance and achievement, see their own key actions and action plans and how they impact on the achievement of quality improvement objectives. By arming Trusts with a clear, intuitive and wide-reaching tool that improves their oversight, InPhase can help them drive faster, more effective and more efficient quality assurance and outcomes – even in the midst of the serious challenges ahead.

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Robert Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

InPhase’s Chief Executive and Founder, Robert has been the visionary leading InPhase to be one of the UK's leading providers of management, governance and assurance solutions, and helping organisations align their actions and goals more easily and efficiently with InPhase's suite of integrated apps.

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