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Streamline Audit Efficiency: How Digital Audit Tools Save You Time.

How the healthcare sector can save time by using digital audit tools and what the ideal system looks like.
| Andrew Bingham | Healthcare

Every second counts in healthcare. Faster audits, driven by digital tools, have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionising how healthcare facilities manage their internal processes.

It is important to understand why the use of time-saving audits in the healthcare sector is crucial and explore how embracing digital solutions can drive efficiency, boost compliance, and ultimately enhance patient care.

Challenges with Traditional Audit Processes

Double Effort with Paper to Digital

The traditional paper audit process, followed by manual data entry on digital platforms, is a redundant and time-consuming endeavour. The duplicity of effort required often leads to inefficiencies and errors, ultimately impeding the objective of accurate data collection and analysis.

Navigating Irrelevant Questions

Paper audits often require respondents to answer each question, even if some questions do not apply to their situation, or to scan past questions they consider irrelevant, often missing something relevant in the process. This leads to time wastage and potential inaccuracies as respondents navigate irrelevant sections.

Disparate Data Collation

Gathering data from various sources to create comprehensive reports and conduct meaningful analysis can be arduous and error-prone. Paper audits, often stored in physical files, exacerbate this challenge.

Efficiency: The Catalyst for Better Healthcare

There are several ways faster audits will benefit healthcare organisations. From expediting data capture to accelerating reporting and analysis, digital audit tools save time and resources and empower healthcare professionals to enhance patient care, drive rapid improvements, and ensure elevated compliance standards.

Less Time Spent at Data Capture

Traditionally, audit processes often involve manually capturing data on old systems or even paper forms. Doing this can be incredibly slow and painstaking, especially if the old system is not as responsive as it should be or having to retype things onto digital platforms later, consuming valuable time and resources. Transitioning to InPhase oversight audit tools drastically reduces this overhead, as data can be captured directly into digital forms, eliminating the need for manual transcription.

Faster Reporting and Analysis

Time is of the essence in healthcare, and the ability to generate real-time reports from digital audits is a boon. Unlike their paper counterparts, InPhase audit tools allow data to be instantly transformed into visual reports that offer quick insights. This immediacy empowers healthcare professionals to identify trends, problem areas, and potential improvements promptly.

Faster Action Plans, Faster Improvement

The real value of audits lies in their ability to drive improvement. InPhase digital audit tools enable swift action by allowing professionals to create improvement plans directly aligned with audit results. This alignment expedites implementing necessary changes, improving healthcare processes and patient care faster.

More Time for Patients and Tasks

The hours saved through streamlined audits translate to more time dedicated to patient care and other critical tasks. By reducing the administrative burden of manual data entry and report generation, healthcare professionals can focus on what truly matters – delivering quality care to patients.

Amplified Audits for Elevated Compliance

Faster audits naturally lead to an increase in the number of audits that can be conducted within a given timeframe. This heightened frequency or breadth enhances compliance monitoring and offers a comprehensive view of a facility’s adherence to established standards, resulting in improved quality of care.

Digital Tools: A Respite from Time Constraints

Efficient Data Capture

InPhase digital audit tools streamline data capture by providing quicker loading times, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless submission processes. The elimination of paper forms and manual data entry accelerates the audit process significantly.

Instantaneous Reporting and Analysis

Transitioning to InPhase digital audit tools means that reports are generated in real-time, showcasing data trends, patterns, and outliers with clarity. This instant feedback loop empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions promptly.

Immediate Action Planning

InPhase digital audit tools enable professionals to create action plans directly from audit results into the same system. This integration ensures that improvements can be initiated promptly, minimising delays and optimising patient care.

The Power of Audit Oversight

InPhase Audit Oversight’s ‘Fast Forms’ are 45% faster at capturing data than some other systems and can save you 1000s hours each year, or between 0.5 to 4 FTE of clinical and non-clinical time depending on the size of organisation. Easy access through URLs, QR codes, and single sign-on capabilities ensures healthcare professionals can swiftly access audit forms from any device at any time, making the process of completing audits much faster and increasing compliance and completion rates

Audit reports are updated in real-time for the most accurate up-to-date picture of performance. Audit data can be triangulated against CQC Quality and Incident data to enhance accuracy and efficiency and give the user the ability to see the comprehensive picture.

The streamlined process enables healthcare professionals to create improvement actions within minutes directly from the audit or report. This accelerates implementing of necessary changes, resulting in tangible benefits for patients and healthcare operations.

For more information on how Audit Oversight can save your organisation time, schedule a chat with one of our experts today.

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