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Ideagen boosts compliance for frontline workers with InPhase acquisition

| Aden Maine | Blog

Ideagen, a leading provider of software solutions to regulated and high compliance industries, has strengthened its healthcare, blue light, compliance capability with the acquisition of the innovative cloud applications company InPhase.

Specialising in developing comprehensive mobile applications for reporting incidents, conducting audits and ensuring quality assurance, InPhase’s solutions play a key role in healthcare and the public sector, notably within the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Speaking about the acquisition Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen, said: “InPhase work with those on the very frontline of some of our most critical services such as emergency responders and the NHS.

“These people, who hold our lives in their hands, need easy to use, accurate, mobile software that helps them carry out their tasks quickly, accurately and with the highest levels of safety and compliance. This is what InPhase does and they’re a perfect addition to the Ideagen suite of solutions.”

Echoing this sentiment, Robert Hobbs, the founder of InPhase, commented: “Joining the Ideagen family marks a significant milestone in our journey, representing a momentous chapter in our ongoing story. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to leverage Ideagen’s global resources in support, infrastructure and heritage working with healthcare providers, government agencies and regulators.

“As part of Ideagen, our team is really looking forward to driving technological advancements in the healthcare sector and beyond. This isn’t just about expanding our reach; it’s about making a meaningful impact on regulated industries through innovative technology. “

Ideagen InPhase will provide frontline professionals with an unprecedented level of efficiency and efficacy in compliance, audit and risk management. Used by healthcare, fire and rescue, local authorities and housing associations, its out of the box, easy to implement suite of apps provide everything needed for oversight, reporting and improvement.

From medicines management and safeguarding through to inspections and incident management the combination of Ideagen's robust software suite and InPhase's agile, mobile solutions offers a future where incident reporting and quality assurance are seamless, real-time aspects of frontline operations.

For example, one NHS customer reported a 95% completion of hand-hygiene audits due to the ease and accessibility of the system.

Ben added: "Our purpose is to provide clarity and confidence to the safe hands and trusted voices that protect the world, and Ideagen InPhase is a perfect example of that. From the frontline to the boardroom, we can provide an end-to-end understanding of what's been done, what needs to be done and where the gaps are, strengthening compliance and strategic organisational decision making. We're looking forward helping more customers benefit from its capabilities. "

Ideagen is dedicated to the safety and sustainability of regulated and high-compliance industries worldwide. More than 11,500 customers trust Ideagen to support them with their health, safety, risk, quality, audit and collaboration needs. These include more than 900 hospital and healthcare centers, more than 1,000 government organizations, 250 global aviation organisations, nine of the top ten accounting firms, nine of the top ten global aerospace and defense corporations, 15 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and 65% of the top 20 global food and drink brands.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Ideagen gifted the use of their software to the World Health Organisation, enabling the World Health Assembly to collaboration in real-time on critical policy documents, with a secure means of capturing comments, along with a full audit trail of responses, changes and agreements.

About Ideagen

Ideagen brings clarity and confidence to the safe hands and trusted voices protecting our world. 

By unifying deep regulatory expertise and innovation with affordable, best-in-class software we provide trusted, meaningful intelligence to regulated and high-compliance industries such as life sciences, healthcare, banking and finance, aviation, defence, manufacturing and construction. 

From the shop floor to the flight deck, from the front line to the boardroom, our 11,500 customers include more than 250 global aviation organisations, nine of the top ten accounting firms, nine of the top ten global aerospace and defence corporations, 15 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and 65% of the top 20 global food & drink companies.

Headquartered in Nottingham UK, with offices across the US, Australia, India, Malaysia and UAE, our 1500+ colleagues are dedicated to supporting industries to turn risk into resilience. 

About InPhase

InPhase empowers healthcare and regulated organisations to make learning and continuous improvement part of the everyday, with powerful, mobile, front-line quality and compliance tools.

One of the UK's leading providers of healthcare governance and assurance solutions, InPhase supports organisations align their actions, priorities and outcomes more easily and effectively using a suite of integrated apps.

InPhase enables organisations to get the most out of their data, quickly identify trends and exceptions and provide robust, reliable assurance.

InPhase’s latest triangulated suite combining risk, incidents, quality assurance, and performance has rapidly achieved uptake in over 25% of UK NHS trusts. It delivers a modern, user-focused cloud solution into the hands of clinical and non-clinical staff handing-back thousands of staff hours from administrative activities to clinical and caring time.

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