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Nottinghamshire OPCC Case Study

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the UK, is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account. PCC’s are responsible for the totality of policing. Achieving this, and ultimately cutting crime by delivering an effective and efficient police service within their force area, requires innovative, effective and modern solutions. InPhase Policing supports these goals helping PCC’s meet their Business Management, Performance monitoring and reporting requirements – all in one easy to use solution.

InPhase brings together multiple sources of data to enable analysis and reporting against the Police and Crime Plan, together with providing scorecards and dashboards that can be generated in real time, available for publication or accessible by authorised partners and stakeholders.

We asked Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to provide feedback on InPhase following their implementation...

Fylde Borough Council felt it important to capture, in one location, all their performance information and key corporate planning tasks. In order to engage all of its potential users, they would need to deliver all of this in a visually pleasing and easy to navigate webbased solution.

What was the original need of the PCC?

We wanted a solution to secure a systematic office management system for the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (NOPCC). To achieve this we needed a reliable, efficient and real time platform to deliver and share a whole range of information. From this we could not only monitor and report on performance, but importantly manage delivery of the Police and Crime Plan… our goals and objectives.

Aligned to this we required a tool to streamline the management of key administration process of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

What were the key objectives that InPhase delivered?

  • An integrated, streamlined application solution to support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan across the police, community safety and criminal justice.
  • A more effective OPCC, managing and monitoring strategic aims, business planning, performance and controls, financial and non-financial consolidation to demonstrate efficient and effective delivery of policing outcomes over the Force area of Nottinghamshire.
  • Improved reporting, budget reporting, performance scorecards, intelligence, commissioning, risk management, programmes and projects, process management appraisals and actions across multiple agencies.
  • Robust audit and monitoring for easier compliance.
  • Help drive efficiencies in sustainable service delivery and information management.
  • Reduce bureaucracy and improve the rationalisation of the number of paper based systems for the OPCC.

How well did the implementation go?

We cannot thank InPhase enough. Their assistance, support and training was – and is – excellent.

How long did it take to implement?

We built the database up over a few days, whilst on our training. We have various sections built and below is a screenshot of the front screen with the key areas of the database on the right:

We’ve also expanded use of InPhase beyond the original business case. The power of something like InPhase is it’s ability to evolve and expand as you need, in line with business demands.

What benefits have been gained?

Well, InPhase is a fully integrated solution and its incredibly flexible. Nottinghamshire PCC use it for this, now joined up ways of managing.

Working Relationship Agreement

Tracking of services and information requests.

Management of NOPCC Actions

Central logging of requests for service and general enquiries, management and monitoring of correspondence and actions of the NOPCC.

Police and Crime Plan

Programme, risk and performance management of the Plan, together with the Joint Strategic Assessment.

Business Plan

Monitoring of the delivery of the Plan and contributions of each of the statutory members.

Team Tasking

Tasking and monitoring of the NOPCC team.


Report monitoring, management of the Forward Plan, requests for reports, emails and action logs, tracking of audits, reviews, and inspections and the Commissioners responses, management of executive decision making process and requests for information from the Commissioner.

Financial management

Monitoring and reporting on the NOPCC budget, collaboration (under section 22), grant funding, efficiency and effectiveness and demonstration of value for money of the Police and Crime Plan.

Programme and project management

To manage projects from blueprint to delivery.

Community Engagement and Consultation/Market Research

Logging, analysis and performance monitoring.

Volunteers and Mystery Shopping

Logging, analysis and report writing.


Media handling, recording and logging press releases.

Partners and Stakeholders

Management of the database on contacts

Complaints and Freedom of Information

Management, monitoring and report production.

A large part of how we view performance is linked to how the citizen sees us. We take particular care to ensure the views of the public are taken account of when we plan for the future.


InPhase has developed a solution designed for PCC’s to better manage their business, become more efficient in their own processes, w2ork more effectively with partners and the public, whilst driving performance through the Police & Crime Plan.

InPhase is a cost effective, easy to use, quick to implement and intuitive solution that will quickly become the heartbeat of any PCC’s office, providing one place to manage:

  • The Police & Crime Plan
  • Pledges & Priorities
  • Constabulary Performance
  • Crime Data
  • Correspondence & Communications
  • Programmes & Projects
  • Risks & Actions
  • Governance
  • Financial Reporting

to help:

  • Achieve an efficient and effective police for their area;
  • Ensure the Force is successfully delivering it’s goals and the needs of the public
  • set the police and crime objectives for their area through a police and crime plan;
  • set the force budget and determine the precept;
  • contribute to the national and international policing capabilities set out by the Home Secretary; and
  • bring together community safety and criminal justice partners, to
  • make sure local priorities are joined up.

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